2015 Summer Housing Program

Housing • Dining • Hospitality offers two on-campus summer Housing programs to single students enrolled in UC San Diego’s Summer Session.

Summer Housing will be located at Sixth College. Enjoy the convenience of being near classes, a free shuttle service, La Jolla Shores beach, and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis/basketball courts, a gym and more.

Please visit the Summer Session website to view over 600+ classes offered this summer!

1. Summer Housing option for those currently residing on campus

HDH acceleRATE Pilot Program

  • Designed for current Housing residents who will be enrolled in UC San Diego Summer Session
  • Deadline to apply is June 1
  • Daily rate is $25/single, $20/double or $15/triple room
  • An optional Dining Plan is available. With a $300.00 purchase, $60.00 bonus Dining Dollars will be deposited to an acceleRATE Dining Account giving a total of $360.00 in Dining Dollars to spend. This plan is available for purchase beginning June 22 through the Triton Card Accounts Office located at Revelle campus on the second floor of the HDH Admin Building.
  • Housing rates do not include weekly custodial services

Students currently Housed on campus for the 2014-15 academic year (and thereby Housed during the summer under the HDH acceleRATE Pilot Program) are also eligible to contract for the early move-in session. The deadline to apply for early move-in is May 15. Students will be authorized to stay in their current spaces the evenings of Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14. The first day of the early move-in contracted begins on Sunday, June 14, however students will not move to their summer space until Monday, June 15 between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm. The Custodial team will need at least 48 hours to prepare your summer space. Students who are not able to move in during the designated date and times will not be able to contract for the early move-in session.

2. You are NOT currently residing on campus

Summer Housing Program

  • Designed for new incoming freshmen and transfer students, students not currently Housed on campus, and visiting students who will be enrolled in UC San Diego Summer Session
  • Deadline to apply is June 1
  • Daily rate is $48.13/single, $44.65/double or $41.26/triple room
  • Rates include Dining Dollars in the amount of $10.70/day
  • Includes weekly custodial services

Furnished units include kitchens with refrigerators and stoves. The bedrooms include a bed, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf for each resident. Laundry facilities are located in the complex. Linens, including blankets and pillows, are not provided.

Not planning to enroll in Summer Session?

Live on campus in Guest Housing.



The Summer Housing application link is now available. Click on the link and login with your PID/Username and PAC/Password. After you login, select Start Here: 2015 Summer Housing Application.

Submit your Housing application by June 1. After your application has been processed, you will receive an email requesting that you review and electronically sign your summer contract; complete your personal history form; and submit a prepayment in the amount of $150 via E-Check. You will have 3 days after receiving this email to complete process. Failure to complete the contract process will result in your application being cancelled. Upon completion of the process, you will receive a confirmation email of assurance of accommodations.

Need assistance with the application? Email summerhousing@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.4010.


UC San Diego students contracting for Summer Housing with a contract end date of Sunday, September 6th, and who will also be living on campus for the upcoming 2015/16 academic year, will have the option to remain on campus through their fall move-in date of Saturday, September 19th. Students will be asked if they are interested in participating in the program on the summer housing application. By checking this box, students are simply notating interest in the program and are not applying for the program.

The Extended Housing Program contract dates are September 7th through September 18th. The application process for Extended Housing will not take place until the beginning of August. Students eligible for the program will remain in their summer space from September 7th until September 11th. Students will move from their summer space on September 11th and move to their permanent space for the academic year the same day. Students will not be authorized to participate in the Extended Housing Program if they cannot adhere to the designated move-in date of September 11th. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cost for the Extended Housing Program will be based on a daily rate for housing only based on the student’s fall housing allocation (single, double, triple or mini double.) There is no dining plan included for the Extended Housing Program. Eligible students will be contacted at the beginning of August and asked to sign their Extended Housing Addendum contract. Charges for this program will be assessed in September.

Questions? Email summerhousing@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.4010.


Students will be able to request a roommate when they complete the contract process. Students requesting to room together must be contracted for the same summer Housing program and be of the same gender. A student contracted for the Summer Housing Program cannot be Housed with a student contracted for the HDH acceleRATE Pilot Program because these programs offer difference services.

Requests are considered based on application date and contract dates. The Summer Allocations Office will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Questions? Email summerhousing@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.4010.


CANCELLATION (Prior to move-in date): To cancel the summer housing contract, student must notify HDH Administrative Services prior to the move-in date by one of the following methods:

  1. Electronic cancellation emailed to: summerhousing@ucsd.edu
  2. Faxed cancellation sent to: 858.534.8260
  3. Walk–in cancellation:

    HDH Administrative Services,
    HDH Bldg., 2nd Floor @ Revelle Campus

Cancellation of the summer housing contract will be effective upon receipt of the request. Student agrees to pay the $150.00 cancellation fee, which is contained in the Calendar/Costs and Payment Schedule.

Questions? Email summerhousing@ucsd.edu or call 858.534.4010.