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Triton Card Account Services
Hours of Operation

Terms and Conditions

**You must agree to these terms & conditions in order to activate your Triton Cash account.

1. Triton Cash Account. The signer, referred to herein as “Holder,” hereby activates a Triton Cash Account to be administered by the Triton Card Accounts Services Office, referred to herein as “Office,” and by electronically signing the Triton Cash Agreement by submitting it agrees to be legally bound by all terms and conditions set forth herein.

2. Nature of Service. Office agrees to accept and hold for the benefit of Holder, and exclusively for the purposes described herein, funds deposited by Holder in an account maintained by Office and referred to herein as “Triton Cash.” Funds deposited by the Holder to Triton Cash shall be applied against the Holder’s account balance for goods of sale accepting payment through the use of Triton Cash. HOLDER UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT TRITON CASH IS NOT A CREDIT CARD AND TRITON CASH MAY NOT BE USED TO OBTAIN CASH OR CASH ADVANCES. HOLDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PURCHASES MADE AGAINST HOLDER’S TRITON CASH ACCOUNT EXCEPT AS OUTLINED IN LOST OR STOLEN CARDS (7).

3. Activating the Account Online. Triton Cash Account will be activated by the Office for Holder approximately one business day after Triton Cash Account receives online notification. Once the Triton Cash Account is activated, go to the Online Card Office to create a login to access the account online, deposit funds, and check balances. There is no minimum deposit required. A printed statement of your account is available upon request.

4. Locations. Holder’s Triton Cash may be used to purchase goods or services at any Triton Cash vendor location.

5. No Interest on Funds. Holder understands and agrees that no interest or other earnings will be paid to Holder or credited by Office or UC San Diego to Holder.

6. Use of Triton Cash. Holder must present his or her official Campus ID Card at the time of purchase in order to access funds held in Holder’s Triton Cash. Triton Cash is non-transferable, and except as provided below, Holder is responsible for purchases made and charged to Holder’s Account. In order to prevent unauthorized use of Holder’s Campus ID Card, Office may require additional identification from any person attempting to make any purchase using Holder’s Account. There is no daily limit on the number of purchases that may be made and charged to Triton Cash, provided total of purchases does not exceed funds in Holder’s Triton Cash at that time. Goods purchased and charged to Triton Cash may be returned according to the return policies at the location where the purchase was made, if such a return is permitted. Holder’s Triton Cash will be credited for the appropriate amount. Holder understands and agrees that no cash refunds or withdrawals may be made.

7. Lost or Stolen Campus ID Cards. Keeping your Campus Card safe is your responsibility. If it is lost or stolen, contact the Triton Card Account Services immediately at 858.534.7587 or go to Online Card Office to report it missing (note: first time users will need to create a User ID and password). Your account will be frozen to prevent unauthorized use. IMPORTANT: You may be liable for purchases made before your account is frozen, so please act quickly. Telephone notification must be confirmed promptly by the account holder in person or in writing.

With a valid photo ID (like a driver's license), Triton Card Account Services will issue you a temporary card for a week to access your Dining Plan and Triton Cash. If your Campus Card is still missing, you'll need to purchase a new one at the SBS (Student Billing Services) Office.

8. Promotions. Holder understands that all Triton Cash promotions and specials are subject to change without notice.

9. Closing Triton Cash. Staff and faculty may close their Triton Cash Account at any time. Upon graduation or withdrawal from UC San Diego, students may close Triton Cash and obtain the balance held in Triton Cash by completing the appropriate form at the Office. A refund check may be issued to Holder; refunds issued to credit card accounts must be completed at the Triton Cash Office. Inactive accounts are those accounts not used for one calendar year. At the end of one year, Office will attempt to notify Holder of any remaining balance over $15.00. If Holder responds to notification, a check or credit card credit will be issued. If Office receives no response, inactive accounts will be charged a monthly maintenance fee of $5.00 and will be automatically closed when a zero balance is reached. If Holder elects to open another Triton Cash after closure of previous Triton Cash, Holder will be required to enter into a new Triton Cash agreement by agreeing to the current Terms and Conditions.

10. Effective Date of Agreement. These terms and conditions shall be in effect from the date hereof until the Triton Cash is closed.

11. Governing Law. These terms and conditions shall be governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the University policies and procedures.

12. Triton Cash Office. The Triton Cash Office is located on the second floor of the Housing • Dining • Hospitality Services building, located on the Revelle College campus, to the west of Plaza Cafe near Torrey Pines Road.

Triton Card Accounts Services
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, Dept 0382
La Jolla, CA 92093-0382
Phone: 858.534.7587
Toll-free: 1.800.758.7227
Fax: 858.534.8260

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