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Services Room arrangements and set-up requirements will be coordinated by the Canyon Vista Management Team which includes room planning and set-up of our existing furniture (see furniture section). Our team will ensure the smooth operation of your special event. Please call (858)534-8003 for reservation and availability.

Tour and Information For more information or to arrange a personal tour of The Yosemite Room, call (858)534-8003 Monday thru Friday between 7:00am and 3:00pm.

Reserving Your Space Please make reservations early to ensure optimum service. The Canyon Vista staff will coordinate all the details of reservations and room set-up. To confirm your reservation, a campus index number or deposit in the form of a check is required. For questions, additional information, and reservations, please contact Xilan Xu at xilan@ucsd.edu or 858.534.8003 Monday thru Friday between 7am and 3pm.

Meeting set-up includes: Tables, chairs, phone line, use of sound system, CD player, screen, easel, and wireless high speed Internet access.

Meeting Room Policies & Procedures

Hours: The Yosemite Room at Canyon Vista is open seven days a week for your event. Our normal business hours are 7am -5pm Monday thru Friday. Hours and availability may vary on Saturday and Sunday. We are closed University Holidays. We suggest booking early for best availability.

Your Room Rental: The rental rate for the Yosemite Room is $250. This room charge will be waived if your group chooses to eat in Canyon Vista during their event (This amount will be charged per person depending on your final guarantee at time of reservation). Your room rental includes use of our existing tables and chairs, high speed internet access, use of house phone lines.

Food and Beverages: Canyon Vista (dining from our existing service line) and UCSD Catering (for personalized catering needs) are the exclusive providers of food and beverages for the Yosemite Conference Room. No outside food or beverages may be brought into the facilities. Based on public health and safety regulations, Canyon Vista cannot package leftover perishable foods.

Guaranteed Attendance: Guaranteed guest count must be submitted no later than three (3) working days prior to your event. This number cannot be reduced. If the number of guests exceeds the guarantee, the client will be charged for the actual number attending. If a final guarantee is not submitted, the original contract guest count will be used for billing purposes.

Furniture: Furniture setups are included at no additional cost provided that we can fulfill your requirements utilizing our existing inventory without removal or addition of any items. Any set-ups requiring the removal or addition of furniture will include an additional fee of $1.50 per person (minimum 30 people). Client will be responsible for the ordering of and payment for any additional rentals, such as tables, chairs, podiums, etc. These items can be ordered through Physical Plant Services Client must notify the Canyon Vista staff and gain approval for any additional items that will be ordered and installed prior to the event.

Audio Visual: Media Services has an inventory of audiovisual equipment and have many resources to obtain additional equipment, if necessary. Equipment is delivered, set-up and operated by their staff of qualified Audio Visual Technicians. An estimate of equipment rental and labor will be provided once your requirements are communicated to us. For further information, go to the Media Services website or contact them at 858.534.5784.

Confirmation: Your reservation is considered tentative until a deposit or University recharge is received along with a signed copy of your contract. We reserve the right to cancel your room reservation until we receive your signed contract accompanied by the deposit. In the event we receive another inquiry for the use of the space, we will allow you the opportunity to confirm/guarantee with payment within three (3) business days. Meetings and event service times provided on your contract are considered accurate and final events with unscheduled delays or overtime will incur additional fees.

Payment: A University recharge number or deposit in the form of a check is required to reserve the Yosemite Room. Final payment by non-University client is due seven (7) days prior to the event. Canyon Vista accepts index numbers from University departments and student organizations. Sales tax is not charged when an index number is provided for full payment of an event. Full payment must be received within two weeks of the final billing. A 15% service charge will be added for non-affiliated groups. We accept cash, and checks or money orders made payable to “UC Regents.” Please mail to:

Canyon Vista
9500 Gilman Drive, 0981
La Jolla, CA 92093-0981

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your event. Cancellations within 48 hours may be responsible for 100% of all estimated costs.

Alcohol Policy: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in or around the Yosemite Room.

Insurance: UCSD requires additional million-dollar liability insurance for non-University non-sponsored groups. Visit the UCSD Risk Management website or contact Scheryl Wade at 858.534.4237 for more information.

Conditions of Facilities: You may not affix anything to the walls or other surfaces in the meeting rooms without prior approval from the Canyon Vista/ Yosemite Room management. Any items approved must be attached in a manner that will not cause permanent damage to the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or fixtures. Any damage caused by members of your event will be added to your final bill. Additional charges will be incurred for extraordinary clean-up or trash removal.

Signs: You may provide your own signs in outdoor locations to notify guests of your event. Please make certain that all signs you provide are removed promptly at the conclusion of your event.

Advertising Materials: Non-University clients must submit any advertising materials that mention UCSD to their UCSD Event Manager for approval in advance of printing and distribution.

Event Restrictions:Yosemite Room Conference facilities are located on the UCSD campus within Earl Warren College. As such, only events that can coexist appropriately with student activities can be accommodated. All outdoor events must comply with UCSD’s 10pm noise curfew.

Policies for Use of The Yosemite Room for Conference or Catering Groups

  1. Proposed events must be APPROVED and scheduled at least one month in advance and shall not interfere with the normal operating hours of the facility. Events must be prearranged and approved by Canyon Vista/Yosemite Room Manager. All groups will be required to complete “Use of Dining Services Facilities” form for all events.
  2. A member of the Canyon Vista staff or an authorized representative MUST be present at ALL events for facility security and general assistance during the entire event.
  3. Groups WILL NOT be allowed to bring in their own food or have pot luck, including coffee, donuts, snacks, etc. Off-campus caterers will not be allowed into the facility as well. Any and all food MUST be arranged by Canyon Vista or UCSD Catering.
  4. A University facility may not be used for the financial benefit of any one individual or commercial business.
  5. A member of the sponsoring group may tour the facility with the Canyon Vista representative, by appointment, the day of the event for a survey of the area and an accounting of the condition of the facility. The sponsoring group assumes responsibility for paying for any and all damages and charges incurred.
  6. Maximum attendance CANNOT exceed the Health and Safety limits established for the facility. For ticketed events, tickets will be limited to the size of the facility. Issuing and sale of tickets will be the responsibility of the group. Maintaining compliance to maximum limits of facility, including stopping admittance at the door, is the responsibility of the booking party.
  7. The group must have a full-time, adult staff advisor present and in charge of the event at all times, including clean-up. This person is responsible for complying with all policies listed. In addition, an appropriate number of event supervisors and/or professional security officers (at booking party’s expense) must be provided, as determined by the Canyon Vista Manager. Review and approval of appropriate security is required at least 5 days prior. Normally one supervisor per 100 persons in attendance will be required. The supervisory and security personnel must be assigned to circulate inside and immediately outside to enforce all University regulations concerning the use of University facilities, as well as all local, state, and federal laws. Campus police shall be notified as necessary to control the event.
  8. The group must provide staff to control access and to take tickets as required. Group must also display signs and/or be available to direct persons to the public restrooms, and to restrict traffic into the residence halls for this purpose.
  9. Sale and/or consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is prohibited inside and around the Yosemite Room and Canyon Vista.
  10. According to University policy smoking is not allowed in any University facility. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure there is no smoking.
  11. Security Under NO circumstances will the booking group be given a key to the dining facility.
  12. Events with food service shall be given priority whenever possible.
  13. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the event to be familiar with and adhere to all University and Department policies regarding use of dining facilities. It is further understood that approval is given for the event only as specified on “Use of Dining Services Facilities” form. No publicity shall be released until final approvals have been given. After final approvals have been granted, no changes can be made without approval for all parties.
  14. The booking group accepts full responsibility for cost incurred for the event including security and any damages to the facility.
  15. Events must be appropriate for dining and banquet rooms. Events requiring multipurpose space such as dances, theater plays, etc. will not be allowed.
  16. Room charge covers rent for using room AS IS.
  17. Events which require special furniture arrangements will incur a set-up charge ($1.50 per person/ minimum of 30 people) unless the group does their own set-up. The room must be returned to its original set-up or there will be an additional labor charge to reset room.
  18. The booking group accepts full responsibility for all costs incurred for the event including security and any damage to the facility.
  19. The room charge will be waived during a meal period if the guests elect to eat the food offered in the dining facility. Your group will be billed according to the final guarantee.
  20. Extra labor charges will be billed at a per-person/ per-hour rate. (Minimum $15 per person per hour).
Room charges may be waived for conference groups who are on full room and board for a minimum of five days. You should contact the Canyon Vista Manager directly to arrange a fee waiver; they have the authority under this policy to waive the fee. Exceptions to the policy must receive approval from the Dining Services Director. Room charges listed above will be charged for all other facilities


Parking at UC San Diego is limited. Parking is free of charge Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays. Parking Lot “P-502” is the closest parking lot to Canyon Vista/ Yosemite Room. The nearest parking structure is located on the corner of Voigt Drive and Hopkins Drive near Rimac Arena. Reserved spaces, signs, and other special parking arrangements may be coordinated through UCSD Parking at 858.534.0274.


  • Take 5 South
  • Exit Genesee Avenue and head west
  • Turn left on North Torrey Pines Road (3rd traffic light)
  • Make the 1st left on North Point Drive
  • Follow road past Rimac Arena and make a left on Voigt Drive
  • Make a left on Equality Lane
  • Canyon Vista/ Yosemite Room is located on the ground floor

Download a campus map showing Canyon Vista’s location.


Canyon Vista
9500 Gilman Drive, 0891
La Jolla, CA 92093-0891
858.534.8005 (kitchen phone)

Xilan Xu
Office Manager & Reservations

Scott Spangler
Senior Foodservice Manager

Tom Jones
Food Service Manager

David Palmer
Assistant Food Service Manager

Campus Information

Media Services
Audio/Visual Equipment

Risk Management
Scheryl Wade

Special Events Parking
Cleo Phillips

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